All You Have To Know About Using Turmeric Curcumin On Your Face


For hundreds of years, Indians have used turmeric curcumin in order to make a special paste that they would then apply on their face in order to make their skin look better. In fact, this is actually a tradition in India for women that want to get married. The way it goes is that before their wedding day, they need to make a facial mask using curcumin and apply it on their face. If you also plan on improving the way your skin looks though and besides the turmeric tablets you also want to make this paste, then below are the instructions on how to make it.

Cleaning Your Neck And Face

Before you can go ahead and apply the turmeric curcumin mask on your face, it's important to clean your neck and face properly. This means that you should definitely remove all lotions, make-up and cosmetics that you may have applied earlier in the day on your face. If required, you may consider using a gentle soap and once you're done, make sure to pat your skin dry.

Making The Mask

In order to make the turmeric mask, you're going to have to mix a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder into some coconut oil and make sure to stir well until you get a paste that has the same consistency as mayonnaise. After that, all you need to do is carefully apply the mask on your neck and face. It's important that you smooth it on gently, starting at the forehead. Note: make sure that you don't get the paste in your eyes.

Leave It One For Twenty Minutes

After you have managed to apply the mask on your face, you should lie down for about twenty minutes. During this time, the mask is going to do its thing and transfer all its nutrients and antioxidants into your skin. If you want, you can also help pass the time by playing some relaxing music.

Remove The Mask

At this point you'll need to gently get up and use warm water in order to remove the mask from your face. After you've managed to remove it completely, make sure to splash it with cold water in order to ensure the pores close. Next, get a clean towel and pat it dry.

Apply Moisturizer

Last but not least, in order to complete your skincare regime, you'll need to apply your favorite moisturizer on your face.