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The Coral Reef Food Chain – A Rich, Exquisite World That Must Be Protected

Coral reefs are extremely complex and intricate ecosystems, the coral reef food chain being one of the most interesting and most studied paths of energy on Earth. The food web of coral reefs is not only complex and interesting – it is also very delicate and sensitive: remove one component and it will endanger the well-being of all the others.

Levels and Components of the Coral Reef Food Chain

Just like any other food web, the food chain of coral reefs is composed of several levels in close relationship and co-dependence with each other:

• the producers – these are the starting points of any food web, the microorganisms responsible for transforming inorganic materials into organic materials that can be consumed by other species, at other levels of the food chains. In the case of coral reefs, the phytoplankton floating on the surface of the water are the components responsible for „production”;
• the primary consumers – these are herbivores that consume the food made available by producers – in the case of the coral reef, the primary consumers are the coral itself, sea turtles and various herbivorous fish species;
• the secondary consumers – this trophic level of the food chain consists of carnivores that feed on primary consumers such as sharks, anemones, starfish, barracuda, jellyfish, sea snakes and sea slugs;
• the scavengers – these creatures feed on dead organisms, but not on the waste products of other creatures in the ecosystem. On coral reefs, this trophic level is represented, among many others, by crabs and sharks;
• the decomposers or detrivores – these creatures feed on the waste products of other animals as well as on dead organisms. Good examples are shrimps, sea cucumbers and microorganisms. For more examples visit www.thesea.org coral reef food chain.

Why Is It Important to Study the Coral Reef Food Chain?

The preservation of the delicate balance of the food chain is essential if we are to preserve coral reefs, therefore the detailed study of the coral reef as a complex habitat is essential if we want to find out how to preserve the health of these delicate and fragile habitats.
Coral reefs are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but they are also vital sources of food for the human communities living in their proximity and they protect these communities by sheltering human settlements on the event of natural calamities such as typhoons or even tsunamis, so the protection of the coral reef food chain ultimately contributes to the well-being of humans, too.

All You Have To Know About Using Turmeric Curcumin On Your Face


For hundreds of years, Indians have used turmeric curcumin in order to make a special paste that they would then apply on their face in order to make their skin look better. In fact, this is actually a tradition in India for women that want to get married. The way it goes is that before their wedding day, they need to make a facial mask using curcumin and apply it on their face. If you also plan on improving the way your skin looks though and besides the turmeric tablets you also want to make this paste, then below are the instructions on how to make it.

Cleaning Your Neck And Face

Before you can go ahead and apply the turmeric curcumin mask on your face, it's important to clean your neck and face properly. This means that you should definitely remove all lotions, make-up and cosmetics that you may have applied earlier in the day on your face. If required, you may consider using a gentle soap and once you're done, make sure to pat your skin dry.

Making The Mask

In order to make the turmeric mask, you're going to have to mix a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder into some coconut oil and make sure to stir well until you get a paste that has the same consistency as mayonnaise. After that, all you need to do is carefully apply the mask on your neck and face. It's important that you smooth it on gently, starting at the forehead. Note: make sure that you don't get the paste in your eyes.

Leave It One For Twenty Minutes

After you have managed to apply the mask on your face, you should lie down for about twenty minutes. During this time, the mask is going to do its thing and transfer all its nutrients and antioxidants into your skin. If you want, you can also help pass the time by playing some relaxing music.

Remove The Mask

At this point you'll need to gently get up and use warm water in order to remove the mask from your face. After you've managed to remove it completely, make sure to splash it with cold water in order to ensure the pores close. Next, get a clean towel and pat it dry.

Apply Moisturizer

Last but not least, in order to complete your skincare regime, you'll need to apply your favorite moisturizer on your face.

The Easiest Way To Save Money While Travelling

As seasonal traveler, I find myself visiting different countries year after year. This year when I decided to travel this year to Berlin in Germany. Searching online with the intention of places to stay places to stay I came across Airbnb, the thought of being told when I would have to leave my room and be back by, didn't appeal to me in the slightest after many years of doing so. Still I and thought well at least it would make a change to usual trip I might have otherwise encountered. When they asked me for the airbnb coupon codes, I searched high and low to find these. After some searching again I managed to find these codes and enter them and receive a discount that I would be entitled to. It was free to create a profile on the website, then choose either a room or an entire house or maybe a mansion. Seeing as I probably didn't want to share with strangers, I decided to rent a house instead. The concise and clear descriptions were sounded enough in my opinion, and the search terms like property, keywords, host language, size, price decent enough without making it into a trawl. The secure payment option gave me peace of mind as I don't never like parting with my money without the knowledge of the sites security.

Airbnb takes a small percentage for online bookings, which I realized after paying through PayPal. Taking out insurance I always feel is a must, and as it's my first time with Airbnb it felt like it would be the wisest decision to make. After a short flight and arriving close to the house I had made my reservations for. I arrived and was now in a perfect position to review at first hand the house I had made my reservations for. I arrived and was now in a perfect position to review at first hand the quality of the airbnb. The pictures of the place were accurate, including the descriptions which reassured me. While my holiday was pleasant enough, I was pleased with what airbnb had provided, for a memorable trip in Europe this was better than if I had stayed in a hotel for the duration of my holiday. I would definitely recommend this for the traveler looking for a unique experience. Having a more homely feel to your holiday recommend this for the traveler looking for a unique experience. Having a more homely feel to your holiday gives you the feeling that you can enjoy your time at a more leisurely pace. Reading my feedback, this is a must for holiday or business travellers who would value this kind of experience in a foreign or indeed in the same country.

A Few Thoughts For Roofing Service From A Client Perspective


Final T Construction has been serving Cleveland residents with some of the best roofing Cleveland has to offer we love the response we have been getting around the area. We are so proud we have decided to post a few of the thoughts about us from a client perspective. Check it out:

"Randall came out to fix a leak in my roof. He assessed the problem, came up with a solution, and now my roof leak is gone. He was very professional and explained things to me so that I understood them. I appreciated that. I would definitely call him again."

"I had a leak in my roof and some missing shingles, Ascent roofing came quickly and the problem was fixed in no time. Even in bitterly cold weather!! That deserves an A+++ in my book! Thanks!"

"Due to wind damage, we had lost a small portion of shingle off our roof. Final T returned my call promptly and scheduled a time to come out and assess the situation. As it turned out, the actual repair was done just as quickly as the scheduling of the assessment. Considering the weather was turning colder, we were very pleased to see how quickly they were able to complete the repair. During the initial discussion, they asked me if I had any of my own shingles to use. Since we were not the original owners, unfortunately I did not. They told me they would do their best to match the repair as closely as possible. While I would be hard pressed to call it an issue, once the repair was done, I could easily see from the street where the repair was done. In fairness to Final T, this could be due to either the staining of my existing shingles and/or a combination of them being wet. In either case, while the color wasn't a perfect match, their responsiveness in getting our roof sealed up was a blessing. They did a great job overall, and I would call them again if I were to have issues."

"I`m not sure that I would call them again. One guy came out, looked at the work, and told me what needed to be done. He and his crew came out and did the work. After they did the work, I had water in my basement, which was unusual. I had them come back out because I felt that it was due to the gutter. Another guy, the owner of the company, came back out and told me that something entirely different had to be done. He told me that the first person who came out was no longer with the company. He looked at the gutters at the back of the house and said that they were wrong. He had a gutter team come out that day- very quickly- and they replaced the gutter at the back of the house at their expense. He then got up on the roof and said that there were a couple of spots that needed repair. When he left, I never heard back from him. This was over a several week period and many phone calls. Even though there was a problem and they did everything they could do to make it right, they didn't follow through with the roofing issues. It was too much drama."

As you can see we are very honest in posting what people think about us even if it is negative we have corrected the issue with the customer from last review and they are now very satisfied.

Kitsound Boombar Universal Portable Rechargeable Stereo Bluetooth Sound System

The Kitsound Boombar Bluetooth speaker is more than just a Bluetooth speaker; it also features in line connectivity which means that it can connect to just about anything. If you aren’t using Bluetooth to connect then it means you’re losing the wireless capabilities but it makes the speaker more robust and accessible, and a good choice for anyone looking to get a good speaker as well as someone looking to get a Bluetooth speaker specifically. The Bluetooth connectivity means that it is capable of pairing via Bluetooth to any device that can hold a Bluetooth connection. This includes your smartphone, tablet, and even some computers have Bluetooth capabilities.

The speakers have a passive radiator that helps boost bass levels and give you a bit more of a punch. It’s also handy for taking and receiving calls because it’s hands free and has a built in microphone giving it even more functionality than the average Bluetooth speaker. The playback time is a huge 20 hours and the charging time is a very generous 3 hours meaning you can easily charge it overnight and get a whole day’s worth of use out of it without having to worry about charging it again. Though the louder the speaker is the more charge it’s going to take so remember that the time is up to 20 hours, not necessarily 20 hours each time. The connection range of the speaker is up to 10 metres and so you can take the speakers with you away from your phone or tablet and still be able to use them properly.

The Boombar, one of the best portable speakers in the market, is designed to be used in two different ways. If you lay it down flat on a surface then you get some great all around sound. The speaker also comes with a stand that you can mount the speaker on wherever you want it to control where the sound goes to better. The speaker features buttons that let you control the volume and playback of the music and comes with a great carry case that also fits the stand making for a compact, comfortable, and easy to travel with speaker.

The box comes with everything you need to set the speaker up and get going. It comes with the speaker itself, a mini USB charge cable to keep it charged up, and a 3.5mm aux cable to give the speaker wired functionality and work as a regular speaker on non-bluetooth enabled devices. The box also includes the case, battery and stand as well as a user manual.

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